Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change


Make ideas, concepts and beliefs about social entrepreneurship accessible to individuals, organizations, businesses and the government.


Develop educational materials and material resources for students, researchers, practitioners, and professionals who want to improve their knowledge of social entrepreneurship.


Launch initiatives, projects, and programs that can accompany and guide individuals and organizations towards a future of social entrepreneurship

Our Pillars


Mayamin was born from the need of startups not getting enough exposure to sell their products. In Morocco, access to a well established distribution channel is hard. Mayamin comes to answer this issue.

Wuluj is the first presale platform in MENA. We empower creative and innovative project owners by providing them the opportunity to pre-sell their products or services to access local or international markets.

Every 2 years, we celebrate our achievements by organizing the biggest social entrepreneurship summit of the country. It is a chance to gather the actors of the ecosystem and exchange around interesting topics.

The IBDAA Award aims to recognize the achievements of outstanding projects and individuals, in the field of social innovation in Morocco.

The Orange Corners programme aims to empower young entrepreneurs by weaponing them with the right tools and know-hows in order to establish their businesses.

IFM stands for Incubateur Francophone Maghrébin, is an incubation program focused on empowering idea stage projects. It is an initiative of the Agence Universitaire pour la Francophonie.

1000 Fikra is national program that aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs dedicated to transform their ideas into real sustainable businesses. The program is an initiative of the Moroccan company AFRIQUIA

Dare Inc. est le programme orienté incubation du Centre Marocain pour l’Innovation et l’Entrepreneuriat Social (MCISE). Dare Inc. comprend plusieurs parcours qui répondent aux besoins spécifiques de chaque startup selon son niveau de développement.

MCISE, being a structure labeled by the CCG, contributes to the selection of eligible projects, and their support during all the funding phases. The financing is granted in the form of a subsidy capped at 100,000 MAD for companies formed by a single founder, and 200,000 MAD in the case of a company formed by two or more partners.

Dare Space is more than a physical space, it’s an idea that gathers innovators, creators, artists and many more in the same spot to unleash their collective intelligence and give birth to new concepts.

BADIR is a center dedicated to empowering the youth living in the city of Salé, by giving them access to numerous training opportunities, incubation programs, events and many more. It is an initiative of MCISE AND INDH Préfecture Salé

D.lab consists of a series of 3 independent trainings for people who wish to have access to the best tools and frameworks needed for training others in social entrepreneurship.