Our Genesis

Founded in 2012 by a group of people enthusiastic about social change in Morocco, the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (MCISE)  is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to finding entrepreneurial and innovative solutions to every social challenge in Morocco.

We believe that supporting social entrepreneurs with system-changing ideas can provide benefits for Morocco and the wider global community.

In 2017, MCISE joined the Ashoka network of international change makers.

Proudly Ashoka Fellow

Proudly Ashoka Fellow

Our Vision

A world where innovative ideas and opportunities are at the service of the common good.

Our Mission

Find innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for every social challenge in Morocco.

Our Values






Meet our Executive Board

Adnane Addioui
Jamal Touissi
General Secretary
Intissar Bouftaim

Meet our Team

Nisrine Ouazzani Chahdi
Managing Director
Oumaima Banaini
Business Development Manager
Youssef El Boujamaoui
Chief Technology Officer
Khadija Ennahdi El Idrissi
PR Manager
Mohamed Soufiane Benhmida
Graphic Design Manager
Mohamed Es-Sagar
Entrepreneurship Director
Aamr Ghalmi
Tanara Program Manager
Knowledge Manager
Hind Azelmat
Communities Development Director
Imane Mekkaoui
Program Director
Zahra Nafaa
Operations Director
Aimane Zaimi
Administrative & Financial Manager
Sara Iasse
Social Media Manager
Yasmine Afif
Office Manager
Mohamed Amine RACHAD
Graphic Designer
Fatimezzahra Draiss
Entrepreneurship Program Manager
Mohamed Harakate
Entrepreneurship Program Manager
Meryem Kebbaj
Research Unit Manager
Nour El Houda BEN KHOUJA
Communities Development Manager

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