Adnane Addioui, President

Adnane Addioui


Social commentator, social entrepreneur and disruptive-thinker, who has committed his life to work in the MENA region, particularly in Morocco, to enable creative thinking, entrepreneurship and innovation for the common good. He has co-founded the Moroccan CISE where he currently serves as Chief Visionary.

Marwane Fachane, Programs Manager

Marwane Fachane

Programs Manager

Ahmed Sebbata, Project Manager (in charge of Dare Incubation)

Ahmed Sebbata

Project Manager (in charge of Dare Incubation)

Karim Hamri, Project Manager

Karim Hamri

Project Manager

Karim Hamri est notre Office Manager, il est diplômé en ingénierie électrique, NPL coaching et arts visuels. Il porte un intérêt pour le business et les arts et à comment ils peuvent améliorer des vies.

Hasna Drissi

Financial and Administrative Manager

Safaâ Ben nokro, Marketing & Communications Manager

Safaâ Ben nokro

Marketing & Communications Manager

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