Dare Space is your space

Dare Space is a multipurpose coworking space and innovation hub in Rabat. It is a place where initiatives emerge and opportunities are created with the spirit of collaboration and co-creation. It is a place for support and development of high impact social and economic projects in Morocco.

Dare Space offers an opportunity to connect and collaborate, share opinions and ideas, build partnerships, network, study and work. Everyone who is interested in coworking, developing professional and personal relationships, or simply looking for an inspiring place to work, is welcome at Dare Space.

Vision: The innovation hub of Morocco and North Africa that mobilizes communities to develop innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to social and environmental challenges.
Mission: To encourage development of innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystems of high economic, social and environmental impact in Morocco and North Africa.


– One spot coworking
– Free wifi
– Free drink (Coffee/ Tea)
– Access events and community

– Pass 1 day +
– Printing and scanning docs
– 1 locker (for computers and personal stuff)
– Meeting room (10h max per week)

– Pass 1 month +
– 1 event per month
– Meeting room (20h max per month)

Book Dare Space

Per hour : 120 MAD
500 MAD per day / 300 MAD per half day

After work : 3000 MAD
Weekend : 5000 MAD per day

Hourly price : 120 MAD/h
Week : 500 MAD half day / 1000 MAD day
Weekend : 1000 MAD half day / 2000 MAD day

Why Dare Space?

– Very accessible location
– In the heart of Rabat
– Secure place
– Several services nearby (banks, tram stations, restaurants, cafes, parking …)
And many other advantages …

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